Monday, September 26, 2011

Tan Tan's Cake & Ice Cream With The Fam

Birthday's are a big deal in the Mota home, in case you haven't noticed. I usually do a family party on my kiddos birthdays, but we had to do Tanner's party on Sunday evening instead because he was with his dad over the weekend. I continued the Lego Star Wars theme from his friend party into this party as well.

My sister, Julie, decorated with balloons and Star Wars crepe paper. I made a Lego cake and set Lego Star Wars toys on it. I usually steer away from the toys so the entire cake is edible, but this cake called for them.

Grandma Susie made her famous fried chicken, potato wedges and chicken nuggets for dinner just for Tan Tan...and he actually ate!

Tanner got to hear our family sing our signature off key Happy Birthday song to him and he was all smiles waiting to blow out the candles. He was completely thrilled with his gifts, as you can see from the pictures. By the end of the night he was glowing with happiness...I'd do just about anything to see smiles like those on my kiddos face each and every day.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tan Tan's Lego Star Wars Party

We celebrated Tanner's 5th birthday a little early this year due to the fact he was leaving early with his dad on Friday and wouldn't be back until Sunday morning.

Tanner wanted a Star Wars party and it had to be "Lego" Star Wars. I didn't have much prep time for this one, nor do I know much about Star Wars...this party took a lot of googling.

I made light saber invites to go along with the theme and we held it at the park. Tons of kids came...more than I'd planned for...but as the saying goes the more the merrier right? I pre-made light sabers from pool noodles and duct tape...the guests were in charge of decorating them with black electrical tape. When they were all finished decorating they took off to the play ground to fight. We also played a game where they had to use their light sabers to keep balloons in the air.

The kids were all given storm trooper masks to play pin the blast on the ship and we had a Darth Vader pinata. Tanner took one whack with the light saber bat and that's all it took! Candy was every where and picked up quickly. I have to laugh that despite the activities planned all they wanted to do was fight each other.

We ate pizza complements of Dr. Baker's moving gift. And had cupcakes surrounded by chocolate legos, topped with little chocolate storm troopers that I'd made. We ended the evening with Tanner opening his gifts and a great big thank you. The kiddos all left with gift bags of legos and lego storm trooper chocolates, Yoda rings, stickers and pencils.

Happy 5th Birthday my little Tan Man!

 I've had many requests for the pattern to these invitations so I've decided to add them here.  Feel free to email me I'd absolutely love to share and help in any way I can.  Unfortunately  I had to recreate a pattern by tracing what I had because the computer I had it on crashed... let me know if any of it need to be explained or if you need any help.

Because my computer that created these crashed I no longer have the set up or the font I used. I found the Starwars font on line for free by searching Google and these are the words I used.


Invited you are to
(Child's name)
(Child's age)
Birthday party!

Assemble we will
on Thursday
The 22nd day of September
in the year
two-thousand eleven
(Thursday, September 22)

At 4:30
in the afternoon
the party will begin
and conclude it will
around 6:30

Take place the
celebration will in
Rock canyon Park
Look for balloons
at on of the pavilions

Imperial Pizza
and Epic Cupcakes
Will Be

To the
Council Administrator
(Mom's name and number)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer At 7-Peaks

My kiddos and I loved having our 7-Peaks passes this summer. It's the first year ever that we've been able to head out worry free to have fun and play. Since we had passes and live so darn close we hardly ever planned... we'd up and decide at a moments notice to head out for a few hours of fun in the sun.

Parker and Hunter were old enough to go off on their own. I believe they rode every slide but one! My little Tan Tan learned how to hold his breath thanks to his bestest friend ever... Conner. And my Shaylee Bug learned water isn't so scary after all, even went down the kiddie slide!

We all know swimming makes for tired and hungry kids. For some crazy reason food is no longer allowed inside the park so we started our own little ritual... Little Caesars. It's just around the corner and sort of on the way home. We'd stop off, get a couple orders of Crazy Bread, chow down on them and talk about our day as we drove the back roads home. Lots and tons of laughter, giggles and smiles. Luv, luv, luv spending warm sunny days making memories with my kiddos.