Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eve

We always color Easter eggs the night before Easter. We do it at night so my kiddos can take their baths and showers right after. I cook the eggs, get the dye ready and set out everything on the island. Then I call the kids, put them on the counter and let them go at it all by themselves. This year wasn't as messy as in the past, but they still had a blast. Hunter picked out two of his favorite and asked if he could go first in the morning so no one would "steal" his special eggs. Each of my kids get to find 6 eggs. It's my job every year to make them into deviled eggs for the family dinner and I don't want to be peeling all day, two dozen is plenty. I usually have them hunt for their eggs one at a time, youngest to oldest. That way the youngest has a chance!...and I don't miss anything with the camcorder.