Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Lorax - First Sand Bucket List Accomplishment Completed!

Yay! Our first sand bucket list clothes pin has been officially dropped in the bucket! Only 19 more to go!!!

Me, my munchkins, my friend Christine and her daughter Lilly all went to the movies tonight. To make it special and different for my little ones I splurged buying popcorn and drinks instead of stashing candy, water bottles and crystal light in my ginormous never ending hole of a purse. (Shocking I know, but admit it you all do it too)

Yes, I admit it, "I'm frugal", but seriously how does one justify $5 for a drink?... Crazy, crazy, crazy!  Being a sand bucket list goal I did this once.  Sadly I handed over my debit card and was charged $11 for a drink and bucket of popcorn. Before leaving the concession counter I asked for 5 empty water cups, a trick I learned from my friend Jamie.

Hunter proudly carried the drink, Parker the popcorn and Tanner was a happy little man who handed the tickets to the ticket taker.  Shaylee wanted her own seat for the first time and was thrilled to have a little cup holder in her booster.  

After everyone was situated I handed each kid a cup full of popcorn.  It totally alleviates fighting and passing the bucket up and down the row... of course Christine and I were constantly filling them, but the monumental feat of peace amongst 5 children was had  as we watch The Lorax.

When the movie ended Shaylee and Lilly got out of their seats and began dancing in the isle... what my baby girl calls "Shakin' her booty". The cutest thing ever!

On our way out we stopped by concessions to document our first list accomplishment... we were stopped immediately!!! Absolutely NO picture taking of any kind in the movie theater. It would've been a supper cute pic too.  Sadly we moved outside and took a pic with the marque poster.  And now I'm left wondering what secrets the concessions counter could possibly hold that employees don't want documented. Hmmmm.....
{ They posed themselves!.... Lilly, Shaylee, Tanner, Hunter & Parker}

 Oh yeah, one more thing... my little Tan Man is in slippers... and very proud of himself for "getting one past mom".  If I'm not careful he may soon learn that Mommy really doesn't know everything.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Sand Bucket List

Summer is "officially" here!
My Mota munchkins are home and school free until August.
I am so, so, so excited!!!

This year we're starting a new tradition...
A Summer Sand Bucket List

My kiddos and I got up this morning, sat around the kitchen bar and decided the adventures our summer should hold.  When each desire was shouted out I wrote it on a clothespin and attached it to the outside of our sand bucket. As we accomplish each one the clothespin will be removed and dropped into the bucket. So simple, but so fun to watch as we fill our bucket with memory packed experiences.

Some of the things they came up with surprised me... others were a little generic.  River rafting down Provo River with a 3 year old?  I called and was told it is ABSOLUTELY do-able, but only with a guide.  All we need to do is save up a little each month, maybe set up a lemonade stand so my kiddos can help and by the end of summer we will be on the river!!!

Looks like we'll be panning for gold, swimming in the Great Salt Lake, star gazing, visiting Timpanogos Cave, camping, fossil hunting, ice blocking and visiting Hogle Zoo to name a few. 20 activities to accomplish by summers end - on top of using our 7-Peaks pass of all passes which I purchased for $10.00 each!  

So much that can be done on a tiny little budget... who knew!?!  I suppose only those who have no choice but to be frugal.