Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shaylee's Rapunzel Party

I believe a party begins with the excitement of receiving an invite. So... I scoured the internet for ideas, pieced together the ones I liked, added a touch of my own creativity and came up with an invitation fit for my little princess.

Shaylee's been all about Rapunzel this year. Always combing her beautiful blond curls, telling me how prettyful her hair is... just like Punzel. So when I asked what kind of party she wanted she didn't think, but for a second.

As always I made a cake... this time my sister, Andrea helped. She wanted to try out a new technique she'd seen - ruffling. She also added extensions to the dolls hair. It looked awesome. I finished up the rest.
The entire party was done in the kitchen. I brought in a TV and played Disney's Tangled. No one really watched it... until after the party was over.

Upon arrival each guest was seated at the table and were given pieces of sticky backed foam I'd pre-cut and a red party blower to make a Pascal. I found the instructions on Disney I love that site.
Then I pulled out the markers and gave each one of Shaylee's friends a paper lantern. I found them at Zurcher's. They don't fly, but the kids had a lot of fun coloring them.A children's party just isn't a party without pin the...... on the..... So of course we just had to play Pin the Nose On Flynn Rider. My sister, Andrea, drew the wanted poster with a sharpie! She's amazing isn't she?!? Then Googled the different Flynn wanted poster noses and made each one.
{before the game - left...after the game-right}Once all of the noses were pinned the kiddos sat down to decorate sugar cookies in the shape of the sun with yellow butter cream frosting and sprinkles. I was surprised they actually put frosting on their cookies... I thought for sure the frosting would go straight into their mouths.
As Shaylee bug blew out the candle on her pascal cupcake she had the biggest smile on her face. And it grew as she was given gifts to open. Most of the kids only ate the frosting off their cupcakes, but ate all of their ice-cream.
When Shaylee's adorable little guests left they were each handed a thank you bag that included a watercolor paints, a pencil, note pad, stickers, pencil sharpener and ring.
After the party my little bug wanted to do it again. I assured her we would, but not until she turned 4! The only thing in this life worth anything is my family and my kiddos are number one... when they smile and laugh all is right in the world.