Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learning To Mow

Yesterday, upon Parker's request and an entire week of begging, Grandpa finally taught my little man how to mow the lawn! He pushed the mower for half an hour straight when it ran out of gas. He's been after Grandpa ever since to buy more so he can finish. He only had the back corner left.

Parker had the most determined look on his face the entire time and did a fantastic job, but I expected he would...after all he's my little perfectionist.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pass Of All Passes

Last night we cashed in our 7-Peaks Pass Of All Passes tickets we were lucky enough to get through Dr. Baker. It's the perfect year round entertainment for my kiddos. We couldn't go to the water park cuz Tan Man has stitches so we opted for Lehi Trafalga. My kids totally loved it! The boys got drenched on the splash boats while Shaylee Bug slept on my shoulder. She woke up just in time to go on the pirate ship ride, I'm not to sure she enjoyed it though. The boys played laser tag, mini golfed and rock climbed while Shaylee played in the play park. Her favorite ride was the airplane or maybe it was the carousel! The boys all agreed the splash boats were their absolute favorite even though they kept standing in line for the frog hopper.

{Bumper Boats-Hunter & Parker & Pirate Ship-Shaylee & Luke(friend)}

{At first Shaylee was scared...but she got over her fear quickly!}

{Shaylee's two favorite rides...The Carousel & Airplane}

{Frog Hopper - Hunter, Parker & Tanner couldn't stop laughing!}

{Hunter & Tanner were naturals when it came to climbing the wall}

Friday, June 24, 2011

Brave Little Tan Man

My little Tan Man decided to climb in the little nook between the couch and chair yesterday. I put my curio cabinet in there will all of my porcelain dolls for safe keeping. All I can gather is he stepped on one of the picture frames I had stacked there, tried getting out, leaned up on the arm of the chair and pushed himself forward with his feet on the glass door breaking it. When I got to him he was standing half in and half out of the curio. I pulled him out and was grateful to not see a scratch on him.

He thought he was in trouble and ran up the stairs. Suddenly I heard him screaming and crying...I bleed mom, I bleed! I ran up to see what he was so hysterical about and found him with blood gushing out of his right leg. I looked closer and through the blood I saw a huge layer of fat protruding out.

I picked him up, told my dad we were headed to the Dr.'s for stitches and we left. I called the Dr. on the way so they were expecting us. Tanner screamed the entire way there. They rushed us in the "stitching room" and started work immediately.

They don't use numbing shots any more! They put a big glob of numbing gel on it and had him lay still until it took affect. They also gave him a blue sucker to help with his nauseousness. He only felt a few of the stitches but laid still...he was quite the trooper. He picked blue stitches of which he had 8 and a blue bandage. He was soooo brave.

Tan Tan is the first of my kiddos to get stitches...not bad considering I have 3 boys and the oldest is 10!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moving Days

{Getting Ready To Move}
The kiddo's and I moved into my parents over the weekend. And while the move was a stressful and daunting task on my part I tried to make sure my kids didn't feel that. We had lots of ice-cream and snacky stuff. Hunter spent most of the move at his best friend Kale's. He slept over, went to strawberry days and his baseball game. Parker spent a lot of his time playing video games and helping me. Tanner and Shaylee used a hose to fill up a toy bin to swim in. They eventually poured an entire bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in it to make a giant bowl of cereal. They were sooo totally proud of themselves and the birds loved them to death!

{Shaylee & Tanner enjoying ice-cream in their giant cereal bowl!}
We had tons of people show up...Uncle Randy and a few of his friends, my parents, Ryan (of Daily Revolutions), Jamie & Robert, Nicole & Eric, Ashlee & Jeff, Kristin, Amy and Sue & Dennis. Dr. Baker couldn't make it but he loaned us his truck and handed out free adjustments to all that helped! For those who came on Saturday we had a small token of appreciation - doughnuts, chocolate milk and juice. Not much, but who can pass up a doughnut...right?

{Tanner...which one should I start with...he ate 4!}
Now that we're all moved out it's time to move in. I think we'll be unpacking boxes for days...wish us luck!

{Our new family room...Now it's time to unpack}

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fountain Fun!

Shaylee Bug loves playing in water. It doesn't matter if it's the kitchen sink or a swimming pool, she wants to splash! She's learned how to turn on the hose in our front yard and laughs while spraying her brothers. If I'd let her she'd spend hours filling the fountain and splashing in it. I had to change her clothes 5 times cuz she'd come in crying wanting to be dry. I can't wait to see her wide eyes and hear her sweet little giggles when I take her and the boys to 7-Peaks next week.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Book Signing Party

Yesterday we were invited to a book signing party at the Baker's home. My little kiddos had a blast on the giant blow up slide and the boys all jumped in the pool with their clothes on. We got to meet the handsome Frenchman, Jace, from the book Eye Spied and also the writer Geneva Johnson. There was a ton of really snacky food and Mommy Mota got a complimentary adjustment from the amazing Dr. Baker... thanks doc I had an awesome nights sleep!
{Lily (friend) & Shaylee At The Top Of The Slide}

{Shaylee Coming Down}

{Tanner Trying To Slide Standing Up (Shaylee In The Back Ground)}

{Parker Sliding Down}

{Tanner Lovin' The Pool}

{Parker, Kallen (freind)  & Tanner Splashin' Around}

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coach Pitch Softball

It's that time of year again... time for baseball! My Hunter baby absolutely loves it! And he especially loves that he gets to play with his best friend. That kid loves playing with Kale so much he's basically been living at his home since school got out. He slept over at Kale's again last night and they took him to his game, but I came to watch anyway cuz a mom isn't allowed to miss her son's games. He's getting pretty good at hitting the ball...
I think baseball may be his thing!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Broken Home

I'm heartbroken to announce, on June 8th, the judge signed my divorce papers. Me and my Mota's 19 year relationship...5 years dating and 14 years of marriage is officially over. It was completely unexpected on my part and happened very quickly. Only 6 1/2 weeks from the moment I found out till the divorce was granted.

Mota came home from a month long string of vacations he'd taken and told me to draw up the paperwork on Saturday, April 23rd. It was signed and to the courthouse by Wednesday, April 27th. I won't go into the why's because this is a family blog and also, it was only meant to contain happy memories. However, this unexpected and devastating blow has made such drastic changes to our family I felt I needed to include it.

Me and my little Mota munchkins will be leaving just about everything but our personal items behind and will be moving to my parents sometime during the next week. I'll start school in the fall with the goal of finally finishing my teaching degree. Mota will stay in his home and continue to run his business.

Despite all of the pain we're feeling it's my goal to make this the "summer of fun" for my kiddos. I plan to do things we've never been able to do, like go swimming, visit the zoo, and have lazy day picnics in the park. Now that I no longer have the responsibility of the business I'll be able to spend oodles of time with my little ones. So be prepared to see tons of giggles and smiles through the coming months.

To those of you who are shocked and didn't know before this blog entry I'd like to apologize. Honestly, there just wasn't time and we're as stunned as you. This really did happen so quickly (a matter of weeks) and was such a complete shock to me and my kiddos that we still haven't had a moment to breath and take it all in. I am out of my coma like state and am functioning now, but I'm still in a complete daze trying to figure out how 19 years with my Mota literally ended over night without any warning.

I'd like to give a HUGE thanks to those family and friends who happened to stop by and learn of the situation surrounding this devastating news and who have been there for us over the last few weeks as I've been forced into making the decision of what environment would be best for us to safely heal. A BIG thanks to those of you who were there to wipe our tears and feel our anger and grief, for your hugs and temple visits, dinners and cleaning my home, your listening ears and staying up all hours with me, financial support, gifts and supplies, your overwhelming love and support and for watching and loving my children like your own. And above all thank you for all of the prayers on our behalf. It'll be hard, but us Mota's are strong and we'll make it through could we not? We have such amazing support and endless love surrounding us. Again, thank you with all of my heart.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Butterball Dog

{My Little Brother, Andrew}

It was a hard day for Mommy Mota today. My brother would've celebrated his 29th birthday had he not been in a gun accident 4 1/2 years ago. Shaylee was born 2 years after his death on the exact day that he died and I know it was no coincidence. That's why she's my "little sugar". She turned a day of tragedy into the sweetest day ever.

My little brother, Andrew, was known for his childhood mischievousness. If he was at all curious or thought it sounded like fun he went for it. He tried everything from rolling eggs down stairs counting the ones that made it to the bottom to"ice-skating" with my sister on the kitchen floor in several gallons of milk. In my heart I've always known my brother is watching over Shaylee and sometimes helping her with "his" mischievous ways. Many times when Shaylee's been up to no good I've looked up and playfully said, "Andrew! When I get up there you better give me the biggest bear hug ever... Then take off run'n".

Today was no exception...

My "little sugar" climbed up on the counter, grabbed a stick of butter, found a brush and proceeded to brush the butter into our dog's hair. Sandy seemed to be enjoying it when I caught them! My first reaction was anger, but in under a second it turned to tearful laughter knowing my brother would've done the same if he'd had the chance... I took Sandy outside and scrubbed her down laughing the entire time while the kids took turns spraying each other with the hose.
My brother always knew just how to make me smile!

{Sandy All Greased Up}
{Scrub Down Time}

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last Day Of School Sugar High

{Tanner and Hunter Enjoying Their Sweet Treat}

The last day of school is a day of all-you-can-eat pop and ice-cream in the Mota home. It started with my grandparents doing it for my mom. When my siblings and I heard of this we hollered until it became our yearly tradition too. And now it's my turn to give my kid's a massive sugar high! Since dessert is a once a week thing and pop is rare for the Mota's this day is a huge deal for my little kiddos.

When school let out last Friday we headed straight for the store to pick out their favorites. The kids and their friends were in and out of the house all day asking for a scoop of this and a drink of that. Two bottles of pop literally exploded all over me and the kitchen sending the kids into uncontrollable laughter. The mess it made was totally worth it because...
nothing brightens up my day like my children's giggles!