Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last Day Of School Sugar High

{Tanner and Hunter Enjoying Their Sweet Treat}

The last day of school is a day of all-you-can-eat pop and ice-cream in the Mota home. It started with my grandparents doing it for my mom. When my siblings and I heard of this we hollered until it became our yearly tradition too. And now it's my turn to give my kid's a massive sugar high! Since dessert is a once a week thing and pop is rare for the Mota's this day is a huge deal for my little kiddos.

When school let out last Friday we headed straight for the store to pick out their favorites. The kids and their friends were in and out of the house all day asking for a scoop of this and a drink of that. Two bottles of pop literally exploded all over me and the kitchen sending the kids into uncontrollable laughter. The mess it made was totally worth it because...
nothing brightens up my day like my children's giggles!

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