Sunday, June 12, 2011

Book Signing Party

Yesterday we were invited to a book signing party at the Baker's home. My little kiddos had a blast on the giant blow up slide and the boys all jumped in the pool with their clothes on. We got to meet the handsome Frenchman, Jace, from the book Eye Spied and also the writer Geneva Johnson. There was a ton of really snacky food and Mommy Mota got a complimentary adjustment from the amazing Dr. Baker... thanks doc I had an awesome nights sleep!
{Lily (friend) & Shaylee At The Top Of The Slide}

{Shaylee Coming Down}

{Tanner Trying To Slide Standing Up (Shaylee In The Back Ground)}

{Parker Sliding Down}

{Tanner Lovin' The Pool}

{Parker, Kallen (freind)  & Tanner Splashin' Around}

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