Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Butterball Dog

{My Little Brother, Andrew}

It was a hard day for Mommy Mota today. My brother would've celebrated his 29th birthday had he not been in a gun accident 4 1/2 years ago. Shaylee was born 2 years after his death on the exact day that he died and I know it was no coincidence. That's why she's my "little sugar". She turned a day of tragedy into the sweetest day ever.

My little brother, Andrew, was known for his childhood mischievousness. If he was at all curious or thought it sounded like fun he went for it. He tried everything from rolling eggs down stairs counting the ones that made it to the bottom to"ice-skating" with my sister on the kitchen floor in several gallons of milk. In my heart I've always known my brother is watching over Shaylee and sometimes helping her with "his" mischievous ways. Many times when Shaylee's been up to no good I've looked up and playfully said, "Andrew! When I get up there you better give me the biggest bear hug ever... Then take off run'n".

Today was no exception...

My "little sugar" climbed up on the counter, grabbed a stick of butter, found a brush and proceeded to brush the butter into our dog's hair. Sandy seemed to be enjoying it when I caught them! My first reaction was anger, but in under a second it turned to tearful laughter knowing my brother would've done the same if he'd had the chance... I took Sandy outside and scrubbed her down laughing the entire time while the kids took turns spraying each other with the hose.
My brother always knew just how to make me smile!

{Sandy All Greased Up}
{Scrub Down Time}

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