Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tanner's Graduation

{Miss Tammy Presenting Tanner With His Diploma}
Tanner graduated from the Rainbow Collections Preschool yesterday! My little man is getting so darn big! For his program his class sang a bunch of cute little songs, his favorite being Jack in the Box. He started out singing it curled up on the ground and when the song ended he jumped up oh so high. He looked mighty proud of himself when Miss Tammy called his name and presented him with his official diploma. After his graduation we went to McDonald's for his favorite food: a chicken nugget happy meal with fries and root beer. Then Tanner, Shaylee and I headed to the park to eat and play with his friends. For dinner Mota took him and the kiddos to Arctic Circle to eat and play. They all came home exhausted and went straight to bed for a change.
I love days that somehow seem to be made just for smiles.

{Mota, Tanner & Me}

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Middle Child Blues

Lately my poor little Hunter's had a case of the "middle child blues". Nothing is fair or even, he's always the one in trouble, everyone's always picking on him and nothing ever goes his way. This is new coming from him. He's always been my easy going guy who lights up a room with his never ending smile even when he's in time out! I can tell the stress in the Mota home is taking it's toll on him.

Last night he went to his friend Kale's house to play. When Kale's mom picked him up he flashed me a true and genuine Hunter smile as they drove away. She called a little later asking if Hunter could spend the night...he could wear Kale's PJ's and they had plenty of bedding. Ordinarily I would've said no cuz the next day was church, but it just felt right so i let him stay. They had a blast playing outside on the tramp and roasting marshmallows on the fire! He tried telling me he only ate two, but I happen to know better. He came in this morning grinning ear to ear...
it's good to see my little guy happy once again!
{Kale and Hunter having a blast at the sleepover}

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Project #1 - The Water Cycle

{Parker proudly holding his school project}
My little man, Parker, has 3 school projects due by the end of the week. We've known about them for a month, but things have been so crazy in the Mota home that I've put them off. Usually we'd spend days working on each one making them just right, being all crafty and stuff, but now we're in a huge marathon race to get them done so my little guy can graduate 4th grade! (Well, he'd graduate either way, but that makes it sound more urgent and demanding.) Don't worry though, we'll get them all done...I was a pro at procrastination in high school so grade school should be no prob! LOL! His first project is to make a poster of the water cycle. We researched it on the web and came up with a plan last night. I ran to the store this morning so when Parker came home from school we could start cutting, taping and gluing. I thought it turned out pretty good...cotton ball clouds, 3-D water (thanks to foam tape) and a cute little sun. It was kind of fun and Parker was pretty proud of himself for making such a good looking poster. Tonight we researched cougars and will be putting together an awesome report tomorrow evening. Now I just need to come up with an idea for a rocks and minerals of Utah poster.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Camping With Grandpa

I sent the Mota boys camping with their grandpa this weekend. It was their grandpa's church father-son camp out. They camped out at Utah Lake and had an amazing time. I gave Parker my camera and told him he was in charge of capturing the memories I'd miss. He couldn't wait to be in charge of the camera for the first time. When I called to check up on them around 10pm I was told they were already fast asleep in the tent! We have a trailer so a tent is a novelty to the boys and they couldn't wait to go to bed...maybe I should pitch a tent in their room. ; ) Parker told me they made new friends and they even started a fire all by themselves with no matches. It's so fun to see them grow up and do things all on their own.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Parker's Swimming Party

Parker's friend party last Saturday was a blast! He asked for a swimming party this year and it's the simplest party I've ever done. As always, I made the invites to match the cake he asked for. (Cake shown on "Parker's 10th birthday" entry)

All the boys met at our home and we went to the Lehi Legacy Pool. The water there is always warm. They have a fun play area, a lazy river and water slide. Not bad for an indoor pool. I had one boy tell me it was the best party he's ever been to!

After swimming we came home for cake, ice-cream and presents. The boys loved their cupcakes with little teddy graham bears floating in candy life preservers. They left with gift bags filled with candy, flip flop lolly pops, beach balls and sun glasses.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

My boys are amazing little gentlemen and I'm so proud of them. This morning they came into my room to find me sick. They asked if they could let me rest and give me my mother's day surprises a little later. Then they all went downstairs to the kitchen and made themselves breakfast. They let me rest until around 10am. Parker came in my room with the camcorder and directed each of the kids to give me their gifts. Tanner gave me a darling card made on purple paper and book mark with his picture. Hunter gave me a handmade butterfly, a book on what he loves about me and a marigold with a picture drawn on the pot. Then Shaylee gave me a beautiful crepe paper flower (made by Parker). Parker handed off the camcorder to Hunter and presented me with a handmade card on green paper and the second lovely crepe paper flower he'd made for me. Their gifts brought tears to my eyes. Simple and homemade gifts mean so much more than any store bought gift ever could. Later in the day we were visited by grandma Charlene. We went to dinner at Grandpa and Grandma Susie's and when we came home grandma Leann stopped by. Mota had a creative moment and made me a flower from chocolate dipped strawberries, banana and pineapple. I wish I had a picture, but it was gobbled up before I could get to the camera.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Parker's 10th Birthday

My little man turned 10 yesterday! We celebrated his special day with doughnuts at school, then cake and ice-cream with the entire family after his choice of dinner...Subway. I made him a cake to match the swimming theme for his friend party on Saturday. Grandpa and Grandma Susie, Uncle Randy and Aunt Cathy, Jamie and her kids, and Grandma LeAnn came. Grandma Charlene had to work and my sisters couldn't make it cuz Julie had surgery and Andrea was on a cruise.
As Parker fell asleep he said....
"This was my favorite birthday ever!"