Sunday, May 22, 2011

Middle Child Blues

Lately my poor little Hunter's had a case of the "middle child blues". Nothing is fair or even, he's always the one in trouble, everyone's always picking on him and nothing ever goes his way. This is new coming from him. He's always been my easy going guy who lights up a room with his never ending smile even when he's in time out! I can tell the stress in the Mota home is taking it's toll on him.

Last night he went to his friend Kale's house to play. When Kale's mom picked him up he flashed me a true and genuine Hunter smile as they drove away. She called a little later asking if Hunter could spend the night...he could wear Kale's PJ's and they had plenty of bedding. Ordinarily I would've said no cuz the next day was church, but it just felt right so i let him stay. They had a blast playing outside on the tramp and roasting marshmallows on the fire! He tried telling me he only ate two, but I happen to know better. He came in this morning grinning ear to ear...
it's good to see my little guy happy once again!
{Kale and Hunter having a blast at the sleepover}

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