Saturday, May 14, 2011

Parker's Swimming Party

Parker's friend party last Saturday was a blast! He asked for a swimming party this year and it's the simplest party I've ever done. As always, I made the invites to match the cake he asked for. (Cake shown on "Parker's 10th birthday" entry)

All the boys met at our home and we went to the Lehi Legacy Pool. The water there is always warm. They have a fun play area, a lazy river and water slide. Not bad for an indoor pool. I had one boy tell me it was the best party he's ever been to!

After swimming we came home for cake, ice-cream and presents. The boys loved their cupcakes with little teddy graham bears floating in candy life preservers. They left with gift bags filled with candy, flip flop lolly pops, beach balls and sun glasses.

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