Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Project #1 - The Water Cycle

{Parker proudly holding his school project}
My little man, Parker, has 3 school projects due by the end of the week. We've known about them for a month, but things have been so crazy in the Mota home that I've put them off. Usually we'd spend days working on each one making them just right, being all crafty and stuff, but now we're in a huge marathon race to get them done so my little guy can graduate 4th grade! (Well, he'd graduate either way, but that makes it sound more urgent and demanding.) Don't worry though, we'll get them all done...I was a pro at procrastination in high school so grade school should be no prob! LOL! His first project is to make a poster of the water cycle. We researched it on the web and came up with a plan last night. I ran to the store this morning so when Parker came home from school we could start cutting, taping and gluing. I thought it turned out pretty good...cotton ball clouds, 3-D water (thanks to foam tape) and a cute little sun. It was kind of fun and Parker was pretty proud of himself for making such a good looking poster. Tonight we researched cougars and will be putting together an awesome report tomorrow evening. Now I just need to come up with an idea for a rocks and minerals of Utah poster.

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