Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tanner's Graduation

{Miss Tammy Presenting Tanner With His Diploma}
Tanner graduated from the Rainbow Collections Preschool yesterday! My little man is getting so darn big! For his program his class sang a bunch of cute little songs, his favorite being Jack in the Box. He started out singing it curled up on the ground and when the song ended he jumped up oh so high. He looked mighty proud of himself when Miss Tammy called his name and presented him with his official diploma. After his graduation we went to McDonald's for his favorite food: a chicken nugget happy meal with fries and root beer. Then Tanner, Shaylee and I headed to the park to eat and play with his friends. For dinner Mota took him and the kiddos to Arctic Circle to eat and play. They all came home exhausted and went straight to bed for a change.
I love days that somehow seem to be made just for smiles.

{Mota, Tanner & Me}

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