Friday, June 24, 2011

Brave Little Tan Man

My little Tan Man decided to climb in the little nook between the couch and chair yesterday. I put my curio cabinet in there will all of my porcelain dolls for safe keeping. All I can gather is he stepped on one of the picture frames I had stacked there, tried getting out, leaned up on the arm of the chair and pushed himself forward with his feet on the glass door breaking it. When I got to him he was standing half in and half out of the curio. I pulled him out and was grateful to not see a scratch on him.

He thought he was in trouble and ran up the stairs. Suddenly I heard him screaming and crying...I bleed mom, I bleed! I ran up to see what he was so hysterical about and found him with blood gushing out of his right leg. I looked closer and through the blood I saw a huge layer of fat protruding out.

I picked him up, told my dad we were headed to the Dr.'s for stitches and we left. I called the Dr. on the way so they were expecting us. Tanner screamed the entire way there. They rushed us in the "stitching room" and started work immediately.

They don't use numbing shots any more! They put a big glob of numbing gel on it and had him lay still until it took affect. They also gave him a blue sucker to help with his nauseousness. He only felt a few of the stitches but laid still...he was quite the trooper. He picked blue stitches of which he had 8 and a blue bandage. He was soooo brave.

Tan Tan is the first of my kiddos to get stitches...not bad considering I have 3 boys and the oldest is 10!


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    1. I'm more than a little offended by your comment. I have 4 children and 3 are boys. In over 10 years not one of them has had a broken bone or stitches until this incident. That's quite an amazing accomplishment according to my pediatrician.

      I was actually showered with praise by her! My children's doctor happens to be a mom of 7...1 girl and 6 boys. I'd say she knows what she's talking about.

      Did you make it through childhood or even to your present age without a cut, bump, bruise, stitches or broken bone? better question... do you have any little boys that would give you any experience in the child rearing of them? My kiddos are very well cared for and very well behaved.

      If this is the only post you've read you wouldn't know we'd just moved and were in a sea of boxes to be unpacked due to their dad unexpectedly abandoning us. Not only that, my curio was the first order of business. It was put in a corner in between two couches with blankets surrounding it.

      Boys will be boys... and their every move cannot be controlled or watched. Even if I could I wouldn't. It's how they learn and grow. I felt sick to my stomach my little man was hurt and if it could have been prevented I most certainly would've done so. However, since it could not be he learned very important lessons didn't he? and next time when the stakes are higher he won't make the wrong choice... always better to learn with the little things than wait for the big ones to knock you down.

      I know I am an amazing mom who loves, cares for, spends time with, praises, adores and does everything in my power to make sure my kiddos know they are loved, wanted, are special and will be an asset to the communities they live in.

      If I didn't take care of my kids I wouldn't have walked out of my home penniless, taking only my kids, our personal items and my van to insure their happiness, safety and well-being.

      Next time before you speak be sure you know what you are saying and to who. As I said in an earlier post, this blog was only meant to contain happy memories... and for my son this is. He loves to look at this particular post and brag to his brothers he had stitches and they didn't.

      This is a link to a day you might want to read before passing judgement on the kind of mom I am... and if you'd like to see our entire world feel free to email me at - I'll send you a blog that'll make you question what goes on behind your own closed doors. Then you can pass judgement on me all you'd like.