Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pass Of All Passes

Last night we cashed in our 7-Peaks Pass Of All Passes tickets we were lucky enough to get through Dr. Baker. It's the perfect year round entertainment for my kiddos. We couldn't go to the water park cuz Tan Man has stitches so we opted for Lehi Trafalga. My kids totally loved it! The boys got drenched on the splash boats while Shaylee Bug slept on my shoulder. She woke up just in time to go on the pirate ship ride, I'm not to sure she enjoyed it though. The boys played laser tag, mini golfed and rock climbed while Shaylee played in the play park. Her favorite ride was the airplane or maybe it was the carousel! The boys all agreed the splash boats were their absolute favorite even though they kept standing in line for the frog hopper.

{Bumper Boats-Hunter & Parker & Pirate Ship-Shaylee & Luke(friend)}

{At first Shaylee was scared...but she got over her fear quickly!}

{Shaylee's two favorite rides...The Carousel & Airplane}

{Frog Hopper - Hunter, Parker & Tanner couldn't stop laughing!}

{Hunter & Tanner were naturals when it came to climbing the wall}

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  1. that looks like so much fun, my little girl has a broke arm, this place looks so perfect for hurt little ones to still have fun at :)