Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moving Days

{Getting Ready To Move}
The kiddo's and I moved into my parents over the weekend. And while the move was a stressful and daunting task on my part I tried to make sure my kids didn't feel that. We had lots of ice-cream and snacky stuff. Hunter spent most of the move at his best friend Kale's. He slept over, went to strawberry days and his baseball game. Parker spent a lot of his time playing video games and helping me. Tanner and Shaylee used a hose to fill up a toy bin to swim in. They eventually poured an entire bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in it to make a giant bowl of cereal. They were sooo totally proud of themselves and the birds loved them to death!

{Shaylee & Tanner enjoying ice-cream in their giant cereal bowl!}
We had tons of people show up...Uncle Randy and a few of his friends, my parents, Ryan (of Daily Revolutions), Jamie & Robert, Nicole & Eric, Ashlee & Jeff, Kristin, Amy and Sue & Dennis. Dr. Baker couldn't make it but he loaned us his truck and handed out free adjustments to all that helped! For those who came on Saturday we had a small token of appreciation - doughnuts, chocolate milk and juice. Not much, but who can pass up a doughnut...right?

{Tanner...which one should I start with...he ate 4!}
Now that we're all moved out it's time to move in. I think we'll be unpacking boxes for days...wish us luck!

{Our new family room...Now it's time to unpack}

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