Monday, September 26, 2011

Tan Tan's Cake & Ice Cream With The Fam

Birthday's are a big deal in the Mota home, in case you haven't noticed. I usually do a family party on my kiddos birthdays, but we had to do Tanner's party on Sunday evening instead because he was with his dad over the weekend. I continued the Lego Star Wars theme from his friend party into this party as well.

My sister, Julie, decorated with balloons and Star Wars crepe paper. I made a Lego cake and set Lego Star Wars toys on it. I usually steer away from the toys so the entire cake is edible, but this cake called for them.

Grandma Susie made her famous fried chicken, potato wedges and chicken nuggets for dinner just for Tan Tan...and he actually ate!

Tanner got to hear our family sing our signature off key Happy Birthday song to him and he was all smiles waiting to blow out the candles. He was completely thrilled with his gifts, as you can see from the pictures. By the end of the night he was glowing with happiness...I'd do just about anything to see smiles like those on my kiddos face each and every day.


  1. you make amazing cakes :)

    1. Thank you so very much! My sister has just put together a blog for me to showcase them along with other fun food stuff I do. It's brand new and not much is on there at the moment, but you may enjoy checking it out.

      Jenn Mota