Friday, May 22, 2015

Moment of Honesty

And.... we are back!

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 4 years since my munchkins and I moved on to a better life.  A life that I thought would give us the freedom to live.  It's hard to believe that the ex has had us in non-stop litigation for almost 3 years - filing so many cases against us that I've honestly lost count. Too many hours have been taken from me and my little ones in the form of court prep and hearings, police reports and Child Protective Service cases. 

I know the ex promised to keep us in court until I did exactly as he said at all times, but this has been beyond ridiculous.  I mean seriously, it takes a special kind of person to request the court remove my right to take our children to a therapist.  Yeah, really, that's how ridiculous most of the cases he files are. BUT I still have to show up and fight for my rights, fight to protect my kiddos and fight for our safety or he wins that battle... that's just the way the legal system works.  

I'd really hoped the courts would catch on, the protective orders would work and the abuse investigations would put an end to our nightmare... but they haven't and there is no relief or end in sight.  

I've put off living our lives for far too long and I've decided I'm done allowing a mean, controlling, hurtful and abusive man to continue to control our time.  I refuse to let him destroy another summer with threats, court, or harm to us.   How may you ask?  The answer is simple - Stop giving him what he wants and start living our lives.  

From here on out we will ignore the "punches" he throws, show up to court with faith that God is on our side and good will prevail and finally I will let go of the silly idea that the law or protective services can protect us because four years has shown that they can't.  

This blog was always meant to be a place where my little family's happy memories reside... so from here on out I will do my best do only post the memories that make me and my munchkins smile leaving all abuse, threats, court and other such horribleness to be recorded elsewhere.  

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  1. No human being should ever have to be subjected to such negativity. Thank you for sharing your story and for writing it so eloquently. The only thing that I can take out of this is it God must really trust you to always stay on His side. The Lord has presented you with these trials because he knows you are strong and will continue to turn to him. God it's never in the event but he is always in the response.

    Stay strong my dear sister in the gospel. I'm truly grateful then I stumbled across your blog and after reading Just this one blog...
    My thoughts go out to you and wishes of much success.
    Jeff Sorensen