Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bamboo Hut... A Little Taste Of Heaven!

Bamboo Hut was totally a PHS thing... absolutely a BYU (football team) thing... without a doubt it was a Provo thing... And the thing is it was the bestest place ever to go for awesome food.
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In my teen years I'd leave school grounds to run across State Street with a group of friends and stand in the longest line imaginable for someone wanting to buy lunch. It stretched out past the tiny box of a building, past Sounds Easy Video and often times wound it's way around Hardie's. Sun, rain, wind and snow... I stood in line through it all. Think I'm crazy? Yup, 100% crazy, but not alone. I stood in that line with friends and teachers, college football players and men in high dollar suits discussing multimillion dollar deals... no one was immune from the insanely addictive food in that tiny little shack.

The line moved fast, but not always fast enough. I can't count the times I walked into class late and it was so so worth it to be handed that paper plate piled high with noodles and rib sauce, rice, chicken, ribs and the occasional bag of seafood wantons if I had enough in my pocket.  We'd look around for a seat... if you were lucky you might just find one, but odds were slim - so out the back door we'd go to sit on the curb or Provo High's grass.  All was right in the world.

Then suddenly the horribly mean people that owned the building tore it down! Or at least that's how the rumors told it.  They reopened in a crazy out of the way place.  Loyal customers followed... Bamboo's magic noodles and rib sauce were all I could keep down with my first pregnancy... nothing else not even water! 

And then the unthinkable happened... they disappeared!!! While pregnant with Hunter I craved Bamboo's seafood wontons.  I tried all sorts of restaurants in search of something that would satisfy- no luck, not even close. It was agony! Sadly I quit searching.

{This is a seafood wonton... and no one makes them like Roxie}
Then a friend tipped me off to the Original Bamboo Hut Facebook Page. I messaged them before I got my hopes up... It was them! Who gets this excited over food right? You go 9 years craving something you can't have and get back to me.

So it turns out they're at Orem Summerfest yesterday and today! I packed my kids in the car and told them my sad sad tale while on our way to putting an end to my 9 year craving and giving them their first bite of island food.

I made it known that Hawaiian/Poly food is my absolute fav and just a little taste of what I imagine heaven to be.  They looked at each other and roared in laughter as I continued my speech and officially declared they would no longer be deprived of all it's awesomeness.
{It's Roxane!!! See! Proof I found the 'real' Bamboo Hut!}

 Wanna know how good it was?  Well I'll tell you. My kiddos are begging to go again today they'll even empty their piggy banks to pay for it!  I know right! How awesome are they? Should I introduce them to kalua pork?...  

Yup! I think I shall! 

{Parker inhaled his... I had to tell him to slow down}
{Hunter chewed on his ribs til the bones were clean - then asked to keep them - a reminder of his first 'bite of heaven'. LOL!}
{Tanner doesn't eat much these days, but did enjoy his snowie}
{I shared with Shaylee - She ate so much she shoulda had her own!}


  1. Charesse w/ The Original Bamboo Hut!June 14, 2012 at 8:25 PM

    Seriously the sweetest thing I have heard in such a long time! And the pictures to boot! Yeah I'm so glad we were able to bring that piece of Heaven so many people have been missing! We have always cooked with our Souls everything we do, we do with love! Thank you for your beautiful words! =0) Till the next event right! =0)

  2. I too went to Provo High and have fond memories of eating at the bamboo hut. I moved away after high school but after many years came back to see if it was still there and was sad to see it was gone. are you still doing business somewhere?

    1. Yes - they are still around! You can follow them on FB here... They give you a heads up when they're cooking.