Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Picnic, A Hike and A Splash

   Summer Sand Bucket List accomplishments 2 and 3 complete!
 We headed up Provo Canyon with our friends Christine and Lilly for a picnic and a hike to the falls!
{Tanner, Lily, Shaylee, Hunter & Paker playing in the falls}
 Okay... so I admit we cheated a bit with our picnic, but who doesn't love pizza right! And it was in the park and we did sit at a picnic table!  We all agreed it totally counts.

Our kiddos must have been famished cuz we ate all but 2 pieces of our 2 pizzas and only half a bag of crazy bread was left out of two.
{Left: Tanner & Hunter... Right: Lilly, Shaylee & Parker}

Then came time for our hike.  With two 3 year olds we knew it had to be a short and easy little walk with so we "hiked" up the Bridal Veil Trail to the falls.
{Lilly, Shaylee, Parker, Tanner & Hunter waiting to "hike"}

{Lily & Shaylee - growing up so fast... being so independent}
{Shaylee & Lily - Cutest little Besties ever!!!}

When we arrived at the falls we all waded in. My munchkins and Lilly played for several hours, until suddenly the sun began to disappear over the mountains.

{Tanner felt all grown up cuz he was allowed to wade to the deep end!}
{Tanner, Hunter & Parker building a pool for the girls to splash in}

{Dancing Shaylee}
We hurried back to our van, divided up the rest of the food for our hungry kiddos and took off for home all worn out from the days adventures.  All in all it was a marvelous day and my kids felt so accomplished when they dropped two more clothespins into the sand bucket.

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