Monday, July 4, 2011

4th Of July

I'd like to give thanks to all those who've served and or given their lives for this amazing country. Without them we would not be free and would not be celebrating on this day. A special thanks to my grandpa's, dad, and friends too many to name who have served and also thanks to all my friends families who've gone without their dad's for me and my kiddos...thank you for the gift of our freedom.

Usually, well for the past 14 years, we celebrate the 4th with a camping trip. This year things were different all the way was the first time Mota was taking my kiddos for the weekend, so despite it being a holiday I let them go. Being Utah he had them for the big Stadium of Fire fireworks display.

Me and my kiddos celebrated the 4th in a different way this year. Today Parker and Hunter got up with Grandpa and Grandma Susie at 6:30am! They went to the church for their annual flag ceremony which included lots of doughnuts and chocolate milk. Not really being morning people the rest of us slept in.
Towards the middle of the day we packed up the boat and headed out to Utah Lake. It was Tanner and Shaylee's first time ever being on a boat! Hunter had his first experience last Friday. The kids laughed and giggled as the boat suddenly sped up after leaving the wake free zone.

We cruised out to the middle of the lake where we ate chicken sandwiches, Cheetos, grapes, lemonade and red, white and blue doughnut holes. The boys were so excited they hardly ate a thing.

Parker did a belly flop in the water and Hunter just jumped right in. Tanner slid in with a little help from Grandpa. The wind had kicked up and the waves were huge! Shaylee wanted in so badly, but was way too scared.

All in all my kiddos had a blast! They were completely worn out by the time we got home. We finished off the day with showers and baths, then had some of Grandma Susie's fried chicken and topped it off with her famous cherry apple pie...what's more American than that?

{Parker - proud as can be & Hunter - Thrilled to be wearing pink!}

{Tanner-lovin' the water spray in his face & Shaylee-ready to go!}

{Jenn & Tanner . . . . . . Shaylee & Grandpa}


  1. Your kids are so cute and you look amazing!! :)

  2. The kids look so excited! Love the pics and updates!! Happy belated 4th!