Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sleeping Spot

{Shaylee Bug's perfect little sleeping spot 6/03/11}
As I was going through pictures tonight this one of my little Shaylee Bug caught my eye and made me laugh. Not only cuz I love the memory, but she's wearing her all time favorite furry boots with shorts!

Shaylee was always Daddy's little girl and couldn't go to sleep without him laying next to her. If he wasn't ready for bed when she was she'd lay down on a stair going into the family room and fall asleep. Lucky for her she happened to be just the right size to fit there and be comfy. I'm not sure why she chose a stair over a couch, but I'm thinking it's so her daddy would have to pick her up on his way to bed. Soon after Mota left she started falling asleep on the kitchen set of stairs when I was cleaning it...that's where this priceless memory was captured.

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