Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To School '11

School time is here again . . . the time of year I dread the most. I hate sending my kiddos away for the day, but I know I must. This year they're back at Wasatch where Parker completed kindergarten and part of 1st grade. The same school Grandma Susie and I both graduated from...that's right - my kiddos are 3rd generation Satch's and proud of it! It's going to be fun sharing the long standing school traditions I grew up with.

Not only was it the first day of school, but Parker and Hunter got to ride the bus to school for the first time ever. They were a little apprehensive, but excitement helped them overcome it.

They got up without a fight this morning and got ready. Grandpa gave them both blessings and we drove down to the bus stop...yup, I said drove. They only waited a minute for the bus to arrive and when it did I saw their faces light up. They climbed on the bus and the driver offered to let me come aboard for a pic. Such a different school environment from where we moved.

I jumped in my van and drove to the school to meet them there so I could take them to class. On our way to class we saw the flag patrol proudly marching through the hall way on their way outside to raise the American flag for the daily pledge and national anthem. Parker was excited to find out he can be a part of it if he wants to.

Parker's teacher invited me in for a picture and we were off to Hunter's class. I made him show me the way and he didn't get lost once! (we even caught a glimpse of one of my heroes, Stephanie of the nienie dialogs!) Hunter sat right down at his desk and gave me one of his famous Hunter baby smiles. I left the school satisfied that they would have a fabulous day.

The time flew and before I knew it I was back outside watching for the bus to top the hill. My kiddos climbed down the stairs and were running home as soon as their feet hit the ground. They had both had an amazing day! Hunter made "4" new friends!!! and Parker said the lunch was awesome...they get a ton more food and "it's sooo much fresher" than their old school! haha!

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  1. I'm so glad they had a great day! It's harder on us moms than them!! :-) Love you!