Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Brave Little Girl

Poor little Shaylee Bug is having a rough go. Yesterday evening she wanted to play with grandpa. She said, "Get, me Grandpa!" then turned to take off and tipped over instead.

She cried and cried telling me, "It's bleeding, it's bleeding" for several minutes without letting up. I didn't see any bruising or swelling and couldn't imagine a broken bone from tipping over, but I guess anything is possible so I called the Dr.

Did you know elbow dislocation is extremely common in young kids? They told me to hang tight for about an hour to see how she did. She fell asleep soon after, but woke up shaking and crying telling me it hurt. We got ready and headed out to the after hours doc.

He checked out her arm and sent us to Orem Community Hospital for painful x-rays. They ended up taking two sets "just to be sure what they were looking at". That kind of scared me a little. They let me hold her the entire time and she cried for my friend Christine and Grandpa. I reassured her we'd see them both when we were done.

After a long sit in the waiting room the doc finally called with the results. They saw nothing...nothing at all. So my next question... what's wrong with her? My answer was, we're not sure, perhaps she pulled something. He told me to make a sling by cutting a triangle piece of cloth and keep her in it for a few days. (I pulled out her pink bandanna and she was thrilled) He said if she doesn't get better I need to take her back in. My kiddos are with their dad this weekend so he OKed waiting till Sunday afternoon.

After we left we stopped by my old church building to visit Christine as promised, it was volleyball night. Shaylee was super excited to see all of her old buddies were there too ... Ryan, Cassie and Dan. They all helped put a great big smile on her face.

My poor little baby has been sleeping a ton ever since we came home. Grandpa will be giving her a blessing very soon, when she wakes up. Such a brave little girl.

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  1. Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon! Miss you and hope you guys are doing okay!