Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sisters '11

{Our First Camping Trip!}
My kiddos and I took off on our first camping adventure together, just the five of us. Our destination was Moose Willow Creek (Fish Lake) to enjoy a week in the great outdoors with family and husbands allowed. I've never driven that far ever! But following our friends I didn't give it a second thought.

We shared a trailer with the Rowley clan and had a blast! It was one ginormous sleepover for my kiddos. We had a crazy good time and my munchkins didn't want to come home early even though we had to... family reunion at Crystal Springs!

Our drive home through the mountains, all alone, was a little scary...and my GPS was seriously wouldn't admit it though - I think it must be a man cuz it sent us down all sorts of unmarked roads! We said a little prayer and followed the tiny voice in my head. We made it to the freeway in no time! Can't beat that for a faith promoting experience!

Here's a ton of pics from the amazing time we had on our fabulous camping trip called "Sisters"!

{Tanner, Me & Shaylee Walking Around The Lake}
{A Little Dirt Never Hurt! - Shaylee}

{Concentration Is The Name Of The Game - Shaylee}
{Connor & Tanner Hangin Out In The Trailer}
{Hunter, Parker & Tanner Diggin For Bones}
{Shaylee & Emilee Painting Away}
{Hunter & Shaylee Showin' Off Their Self- Made Visors}
{Woo Hoo! Camping...Shaylee & Me}
{The "Men" Brought Back A Load Of Firewood...Parker & Justin}
{Hunter, Shaylee, Ethan & Connor}
{Mmm...Dirt Pie! Shaylee Spit It Out...
Maybe It Needed More Twigs!}
{Silly Shaylee At The Campfire}
{Yay! Shaylee Went Potty In The Big Girl Potty - 1st Time!}
{Tanner & Connor Snackin' On Smores}
{Banana Boats & Face Paint.
He May Not Look It...
But Hunter's In Heaven}
{Justin & Parker Showin' Off Their "Halo" Faces}
{All The Kids, Including Shaylee, Got A Paint Job}
{Tanner, Hunter, Emilee, Brooklynn, Parker, Shaylee, Gavin, Justin, Connor, Bekah, Brucklyn, Zakk & Brody}
{Tanner & Me}
{Connor, Parker, Shaylee & Tanner Throwing Rocks In The Lake}
{Parker Pickin' A Clue}
{Hunter - My Little Romantic}
(Parker Helping With The Play Tent}
{Shaylee & Ethan Playing With The Games}
{Tanner - My Serious DS Addict}
{Parker, Justin & Hunter Strikin' A Pose}

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  1. Great photos of a fabulous family! :)