Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Magic Touch

Hunter was jumping on the tramp yesterday when he heard a loud pop and his back started hurting. I gave him some ibuprofen and laid him on the couch to watch a few cartoons telling him if it still hurt in the morning to let me know.

Our morning was a little crazy and he didn't say anything. By mid-afternoon my little guy told me he was still in pain. I text Dr. Baker to see if he had an available slot. Not soon after he told me to come on in.

He took us back to a room and explained to Hunter he was going to adjust his back...and it would sound like "popcorn". Being his first time to a chiropractor, Hunter looked a tad bit nervous as he hopped up on the table. But soon his nervousness disappeared as Dr. Baker rubbed some warming stuff on the sore spot making Hunter's day. He was thrilled cuz he was getting a massage! LOL

He made a few quick adjustments putting everything back where it belongs. Hunter had a smile on his face when he said the pain was gone. I said,
"See, I told you he was magic!"

On our way out I decided to get my kiddos power balance bands just like mom who swears by them. Not only are they showing them off to everyone they come in contact with, they all believe they're super strong!!!

A ginormous thanks to Dr. Baker for fixing my little man and for putting a smile back on my kiddo's face!

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  1. I love chiropractic :-) We're going to have to go pay Dr Steve a visit ....