Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little Entrepreneurs

Since the day Parker could talk his little mind's been trying to come up with ways to earn money. His newest inspiration came from his recent purchase of a pocket knife at scout camp and all of the people hiking through the back yard (next door to Rock Canyon).

Without my knowledge,Parker gathered together his team of brothers and headed out to find sticks...then carved them to make walking sticks. When he was done he proudly showed them to me and my family announcing they were $10.00 each! Being from a business oriented family, and having one myself while married, I knew I had to give him the run down.

All of my family gave him the talk about supply and demand, the value, how much potential buyers may have with them while hiking, time vs. earnings ... he dropped his prices way down to $2.00 all by himself and gave Uncle Todd the "family deal" of .50 cents!

The next day the boys got up early, put together some boxes, wrote up a sign and stacked their wares in front of the house. Honestly, I didn't think they'd sell one, but didn't want to squash their amazing ingenuity and drive so I cheered them on...after all if my brother and sister could sell rocks way back in the day my boys should be able to pull off a few stick sales.

To my surprise they sold all 8 and made $8.40!!! It must've been the "cute factor". . . Gotta get me some of that!

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