Wednesday, February 23, 2011

100% Girl...99% Of The Time

After having 3 boys, finding out my little Shaylee bug was a girl almost sent me into shock. To be honest I didn't trust the ultrasound and continued to believe she'd be a boy. At about 37 weeks I had a second ultrasound with the same tech. When she asked if we'd gone crazy with the girl stuff I told her the truth . . . I wouldn't believe it until I saw her, but I'd sewn a pink blanket just in case. The evening before her due date Mota finally convinced me that we'd better buy some girl stuff. So off to the store we went to pick out a pink car seat (I kept the receipt of course). Mota and the boys each picked out an outfit for her while I just stood there overwhelmed, looking at all the girly stuff. Two weeks after our little shopping trip our baby arrived . . . the nurse double checked, just for me, before announcing "It's a girl!".

Now I look back and laugh at how completely worried I was with raising a girl in a house full of boys, trucks, video games and not a single doll in sight. Despite my original fears it's been working out just fine. Shaylee bug loves playing trucks and swords with her brothers, but she's truly a natural at the girly stuff. 99% of the time she's soft and gentle with her baby dolls, feeding and rocking them to sleep. She loves cooking in her little kitchen and serving burgers to her daddy. She even gets her brothers to sit down for tea parties! She loves pretties (jewelry), shopping for clothes, and there's no doubt she loves her shoes. But every once in a great while you can definitely see that she has 3 older brothers . . . it's those moments that put a ginormous smile on my face.

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