Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad Day For the Blue & Gold

Today's one of those days where I've felt like I have too much on my plate. On top of all the mom and wife stuff, home stuff and business stuff I also hold callings in my church. One is that of den leader and tonight was the cub scout Blue & Gold Banquet. My part was tiny, just throw the main course in the oven (pre-made by the pack leader) and help Parker make a cake (all of the cubs decorated one), but I was so completely exhausted it overwhelmed me for some crazy reason. Even though I complained to my ornery self during the entire cake making process I knew we'd have fun tonight, and we really did. February's scout theme is resourcefulness and our creative pack leader thought . . . who's more resourceful than Harry Potter? Well, she couldn't think of anyone so naturally our banquet became a Harry Potter theme! There were banners, a riddle hunt, awards, dry ice fill drinks with pop rocks in the cups and rattle snake eggs. We also had the Sorting Hat. As it was placed on each boys head it magically said their name and the awards they earned. I got to be the magic announcer hidden in the back room, peeking through the door and announcing each boy with a microphone hooked up to the speaker system. Parker's red velvet and butter-cream frosting cake turned out pretty dang snacky and looked great too. All in all the night was wonderful and to top it off I'm feeling like my old "can-do-it-all" self even though I admit . . . I'll never be able to do-it-all.

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