Monday, February 28, 2011

Sick Sunday Extended

Yesterday we all, well all but Parker, woke up sick. We had sore throats, stuffed up noses, foggy heads, and were ornery, ornery, ornery. However, it was my mom's birthday so all of us (except Mota who was completely wiped out) got ready for dinner and went to her home to celebrate. For not feeling so well we really did have a good time. Happy birthday Mom! I was hoping we'd all feel a little better today, but no such luck. Parker woke up and asked to stay in bed for the day and Hunter couldn't quit coughing so Mota sent him back to bed. Then we all slept in until Mota woke me up while getting ready for his daily workout. Once awake, again, I knew I couldn't stay in bed and had to get going. Mom's don't get "sick days". So lucky for me I've been endowed with the special mom super-power that all mom's have to be able to preform any necessary tasks while sick . . . tending to husbands and kids, cleaning, cooking, etc. Even though the Mota's are a bit under the weather this beautiful Monday morning, I anticipate accomplishing a lot today. I am positively determined to make it a wonderful day.

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