Thursday, February 24, 2011

Out With The Old . . . In With The New

A little over three years ago we moved from our 800 sq. ft home into our current home of 2,450 sq. ft. Right away I knew our kitchen needed updating. However, our goal is to become debt free so putting a new kitchen on credit was completely out of the question. Needless to say, I've been "suffering" with 80's pink counter-tops and the old oak cupboards, a white fridge and stove, black dishwasher and a cream microwave. I'm not complaining too much because our kitchen is very functional and tons bigger than our previous home with a galley kitchen smaller than our travel trailer kitchen. I really and truly am grateful for my massive kitchen, I love it . . . I just like to dream of a day when it will have granite counter tops, two ovens and a bar with a stove top. When we moved we came up with a strategy to get matching appliances. We decided as they went out we'd buy black with stainless steel accents to replace them. Our first appliance became unusable this morning. I say unusable because our over-the-stove microwave still works great, the door just decided to fall apart! Last fall the handle fell off, but it was still in working order so we decided to wait until spring when a new one better fit our budget. Our microwave had a different idea, this morning the glass front started falling out. We knew we couldn't wait any longer. Mota got on line and found one in no time. The rest of the afternoon was spent in frustration figuring out how to get the old one off the wall and the new one in place. I love my new microwave ... and now I can't wait for my stove to go out!!!

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