Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meet the Mota's

This is my first shot at blogging. In the beginning I thought, what a crazy kind of idea . . . putting your life on display for the world, who does that? Then I read an article that gave me a whole different take on what a blog can be and I got excited! It's not just ramblings of some stranger, but a life history and a way to leave it for all my present and future posterity. With that in mind, I welcome you to join me and my Mota family on our simply amazing journey through life.

Meet my hubby, Larry (aka Mota): We met in high school, dated 5 years and got married. Mota's an entrepreneur and great at it. He's always go, go, going, never stopping. He loves racing and his dream of professional racing isn't that far fetched. Currently he drag races motorcycles. In fact, the 1st year he raced he took 1st at the local track, 2nd at nationals in Vegas and WON a Wally at the world finals in Pomona, CA. He also loves, snowboarding, wake-boarding, camping, hunting, 4-wheeling and just about any other outdoor activity you can think of.

Meet me, Jenn: Mota and I have been married for 14 years and I plan to spend the rest of my life with him. I help run Larry's business' from home and love being near my kiddos. I'm a crafty kind of gal. I love scrap booking, planning my kids parties, baking and spending time with my family. I really enjoy all that goes with homemaking, it's such a challenge. I also love camping and water-skiing. I suppose I'd love snowboarding too . . . if only I could figure out how. ;)

Meet my Parker: He's my oldest and my angel. He's extremely strong willed, don't let his quietness fool you. He's amazingly helpful and reliable. He loves playing basketball, flag football and is awesome at karate. His favorite subject in school is math . . . definitely not something he got from me. Parker is always an amazing kid, unless you ask him to clean his room.

Meet my Hunter: He's my second child and my sunshine. When he flashes his contagious smile the room simply lights up! He's a happy-go-lucky kid and nothing much phases him. He's just starting to dabble in sports, but seems to love T-Ball. Hunter is definitely a people person, always making new friends. School comes easily and he loves all subjects.

Meet my Tanner: He's my third child and my little sweetheart. He's very tenderhearted and loving. He's also extremely polite, always saying please and thank you. Tanner never turns down a chance at sitting on my lap or one on one time with me and his dad. He wants to be as big as his older brothers and is always trying to keep up with them. During the summer he's always sneaking out to play in the sandbox, but he loves riding his bike too.

Meet my Shaylee: She's my baby and my little sugar. She's amazingly affectionate. Always kissing and hugging mommy, daddy and her brothers. She has daddy wrapped around her little finger and it's absolutely adorable. With three older brothers she can hold her own. She already has her own little sense of style. She loves picking out her own outfits on shopping trips and loves her shoes. Yes, I know, we're in big trouble when she hits the teen years!

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