Friday, February 25, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

This morning I had an appointment a few blocks away from our first home so I decided to drive by and show Tanner where he lived for almost the first year of his life. Mota warned me that it was run down, but I couldn't resist taking a peek at the home we bought only a few months after we married. It was a teeny tiny 1940's two bedroom, one bath home that we spent 10 years lovingly fixing up.

We added an awning to the back porch, extended the garage adding a power garage door, gutted the bathroom, put up siding, gutters, new windows and doors, built a fence around the back yard, planted new trees and put in planters. Had the 5 of us and our 2 labs not outgrown our 800 sq ft we would have stayed forever. The part of our home I miss the most is our backyard, it was amazing. Our large dog kennel, shed and a temporary garage for our eBay stuff was a plus, but my absolute favorite part was the play area. We'd built a cute little picket fence around it for the boys and put in a drinking fountain, kids picnic table and swing set with a garden around the perimeter. It was the perfect place to play on a sunny summer day.

Parker & Tanner 4/26/07

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