Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parker's Teeth Are How Much?

This morning I checked Parker out of school for an ordinary orthodontics check up. (I know he's a little young, but genetics got the best of him.) I was a little worried about his appliance not fitting because he'd secretly take it out at night. Turns out he doesn't need it now and that was the least of my worries. He needs 4 baby teeth pulled so the 4 permanent teeth coming in at an angle don't take out the 4 permanent ones next to them! If they come out now there's a 95% chance of saving them. If we wait . . . well, Parker won't have a smile. Then he needs space maintainers "installed". What does this cost? A grand total of $708. Knowing we didn't have a choice I made the appointments and left the office almost positive the insurance wouldn't cover a penny of it. When got home I called them and got incredible news! Everything is covered at 100%! The catch? Everything must be done by our dentist as the ortho. isn't covered until July. Still slightly panicked I called the dentist. He agreed to do it if the ortho. would work directly with him. I said a quick prayer as I called the ortho. Turns out he was more than happy to work with our dentist! I was on an instant high and knew my prayers had been answered. I immediately gave a prayer of thanks. I'm still a little stressed that even with the procedures Parker may loose a few permanent teeth. And who wouldn't be at $2,500 a piece for implants? But I have faith that things will work out and I have faith that my prayers will always be answered. I truly am so incredibly thankful for the lords tender mercies.

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