Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mota's Turn

Back to the dentist again. This time it was Mota. His appointment was at 10:40am this morning and he didn't come home until 5:00pm this evening. When he walked through the door I thought he was going to pass out. I'd just finished washing the sheets and hurried to put them on the bed so he could climb in. His mouth was so numb he could barely swallow his pain meds and I had to help him find his mouth so he didn't spill his water. He had 2 cavities, one so deep he may need to go back for a root canal. He also showed signs of bone loss so they did a "deep cleaning". Not quite sure what that is, but I know it took a really long time and his mouth will be really sore. He also had a piece of his upper inner lip taken out with a laser. My poor Mota is now laying bed, miserable, numb, in pain, coughing, and has started to get a fever. I'm hoping he feels 100% better in the morning, but it looks doubtful. I've never seen him this way and to be honest I feel totally helpless because there is nothing I can do other than keep the kids quiet. Thank goodness for the Nintendo DS.

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