Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leprechaun Catcher...New Design

We've made a leprechaun catcher each and every year since Parker was 2 (this one makes 8 years!) and we haven't caught a single one. Our usual plan of attack is to use a shoe box, prop open the top, put a gold coin in to entice him and hope he falls for it. Last year we came oh so close. The kids even shook the box and heard him, really! Poor Hunter got the blame for opening the box wrong and letting him get away. He was just so fast! This year we decided to change it up. The kiddos each colored a panel to glue on an oatmeal box. I made a ladder from skewers, cut a hole in the plastic lid, glued a green piece of paper on it and used a razor blade to cut the paper like you would a pie, then we glued on a gold coin to catch his attention. Our theory is simple; the Leprechaun will climb the ladder and dart across the lid to steal the coin and fall threw the hole! The boys can hardly contain their excitement and are having a hard time falling asleep. Will we catch the tricky little leprechaun this year? or will he escape again...guess we'll have to wait 'til tomorrow. ;)

{Hunter coloring the trap}

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