Friday, March 4, 2011

Where The Good Stuff Is

When Mota took Parker and Hunter bowling a few weeks ago we promised Tanner and Shaylee we'd do something fun. I decided today would be the day despite Mota being out of town . When I asked the kiddos where they wanted to eat lunch they begged for Arctic Circle. They love the "circle chickens" - chicken nuggets shaped like doughnuts. I like that even Shaylee is big enough for their play area. And the fact they give out free dipped mini cones is a plus too! Usually when we eat at places with playzones I let the kids play for 1/2 an hour then we leave. But today I called up a friend to go with us and the time flew. We were there for 2 hours . . . it was the kids that asked to go home!

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