Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh The Luck Of A Leprechaun

The leprechaun outsmarted the kiddos again! He's a tricky little guy. He left a trail of gold candy through the house, turned the toilet water green and the milk too.

He also left green sugar cookies in the trap. Hunter peeked in through the trap lid and yelled "I see him, I see him, he's hiding under a cookie!". Then he told his brothers he saw the leprechaun move a cookie to hide under it.

They emptied the trap of it's cookies and candy and found a note; "hee hee hee you'll never catch me!" signed by the leprechaun, but they never found him. The boys decided he must have hung onto one of the cookies without them seeing him and took off. We had green scrambled eggs, complements of the leprechaun, and toast for breakfast.

This evening we had our take on what a St. Patties Day dinner should be. Since no one in my family likes cabbage, including me, I made corned beef with garlic red potatoes, green salad, green Kool Aid and pistachio pudding. My little Tan Tan fell asleep right before we sat down to eat so I woke him up, but he was too exhausted and drifted off again. I saved a plate for him but all he wanted was dessert...of course! All in all it was a fun day. The boys are already making plans for next year. LOL

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