Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mystery Smell Revealed

The spring after we moved into our home we'd smell the most horrible stench as we'd walk to our front door. We looked everywhere. I decided something had died in the bushes in front of the bay window, but when they were pulled out we found nothing. The smell finally went away, but it came back the following spring. Even the mailman commented on the horrific odor. You'd think we could locate the cause, but we were "stumped". Then Mota went out on a job where he smelled the same stench and figured out it was our tree! Mota has been trying to talk me into taking it out ever since. I just hate the thought of cutting down a pretty tree, even if it does stink. After thinking on it for the past few years I mentioned to Mota the other day that we should take it down before the horrid smell popped up again. Suddenly this afternoon, without warning, he went out front, grabbed his chain saw and started cutting.

I felt so bad for poor Hunter, he was crying in his room because he loved climbing it so much. Parker felt bad because we had to take down the bird house he'd built and hung on a branch. The tree was down within 20 min.! and it took an hour to clean it up. Now my front yard is bare...but stench free!

{Parker helping}
{Tanner taking it all in}
{Hunter comes to terms with his tree}
{Shaylee hated the noise}

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