Monday, March 21, 2011

Whooping Cough? Really?

My little Shaylee's been coughing for 3 1/2 weeks. Over the weekend her cough became so bad that Mota and I haven't had sleep for 3 nights. She's actually coughing so hard she's throwing up and gasping for air so I took her to the Dr. today. I was told she's had her pertussis (whooping cough) shot, but she still may have contracted it and is probably in the end stages. Plus she has an ear infection. We were sent to the hospital for more testing. At the hospital we were given fun face masks with Mickey on them so Shaylee didn't have any problem wearing it until Tanner took his off, little stinker. While we sat in the waiting area I overheard 3 other children were waiting for the same testing. According to the nurse there's been a large break out in the last little while. The test was absolutely horrible. The nurse wrapped Shaylee's arms with a blanket, had me lean across her feet and hold her face while she put drops in her nose and put a suction tube in and out her nasal passage. Her nose was bleeding by the time it was over and all she wanted was her Daddy. The nurse probably saw the tears in my eyes so she told me it didn't hurt and was just uncomfortable, but I really didn't believe her...a mom knows when something is hurting her baby. We left the hospital and went straight to McD's for chicken nuggets to help get her mind off of her little nose and it worked. She ate 2 on the way home and fell fast asleep. Poor little Shaylee Bug.

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