Saturday, March 12, 2011

Conquering Our Fears

Last night my parents took the boys for a sleep over. They also took Shaylee for the evening so we got a date night out of it! We went out with a group of friends to the Old Spaghetti Factory, I love that place. Then we headed to the Provo Beach Resort to try out the rope course. I was terrified and shaking with sweaty hands, but I went for it. Mota was truly more terrified than me and started out on the lower level. Heights just aren't our thing, but I never realized how afraid of heights Mota was until last night. We tight rope walked and crossed on swinging loops and all sorts of other rope configurations. We were up in the air for over 2 hours and the time flew. I was so proud of the both of us for facing our fears, but especially Mota. I'd definitely do it again, but Mota said once is enough for him.

The kids had a blast too. They made cookies, had chili cheese dogs and watched movies last night. Grandpa was in charge of the ward breakfast this morning so they all went to the church for all-you-can eat pancakes, sausage and fruit. Tanner gobbled down a ton of sausage! After that they played at the park and before coming home they stopped at Costco for samples galore (they wanted hot dogs again too). It's always a good thing to take a night off without kids...and I love that the kiddos get bonding time with grandpa and grandma Susie.

{The boys playing at the park}

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